HTML type features:

Business Letter HTML Classic Letter HTML Elegant Letter HTML Head Letter HTML Modern Letter HTML
 Business letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS.
 Classic letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS.
 Elegant letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS.
 Head letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS.
 Modern letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS.


Paper Letter HTML Personal Letter HTML Photo Letter HTML Two Column Letter HTML Visual Letter HTML
Paper letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS.
Personal letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS
Photo letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS
column letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS
Visual letter template, fully
customizable with HTML and CSS


Blank HTML About Us Audio Stream Calculator Signature Stamp
Displays any type of content, fully
Web-based information page with
tap-to-call, tap-to-map, etc.
interactive web-based media player
for your online audio stream.
can predefine your own  JavaScript
formula like tip calculator, loan,
weight e.t.c
Write down and save your signature.


Favorites Form Drag & Drop jQueryMobile Login
of pages that users marked as their
Provides a way for application users
to contact you by email.
and images into your app, write text
and rearrange them all with your
Build a cross-platform jQueryMobile
HTML 5 based pages.
Create login page for your app.


Push Notifications PhoneGap Integration Create Polls InApp Purchase Radio Stream
is a page to accumulate Push
Notifications (messages).
Enables native features using web
Create your own polls and publish
them on  apps in less than 5
Allows users to sell their products
using Apple’s InApp Purchase system.
your online radio with the help of
HTML5 tag.


Rate & Review Search Shopping Cart WebKit Details Yes / No / Maybe
Displays Rate and Review of app. Displays search page. Displays shopping cart page. Classic rounded corners details
Voting system for a cause or
candidates with vote counting and
Custom Page      Product Order Forum/Messenger   Login and Register
this page to create a page and edit
its parameters for custom native
pages types developed in SDK Project
page allows you to displays editable
content from SharePoint server.
Create your own mobile store or
create it for local take away.
Allows users sending messages to
each other via public conversations.
When a new message is posted, all
app users are notified.
Displays a native login page with
registration and password recovery

MENU Types:

Button Menu Color Menu Content Menu Grid Menu Image Menu
is a classic list of buttons, each
can be linked to a separate page.
 Funky colorful web-based menu can
be fully customized.
open web-based menu with a title,
image, short description and
multiple target options.
 This is a menu with thumbnails and
short description.
Displays a table of images, each can
be linked to a separate page.


Large Button Menu Magazine Menu Menu Sample Menu
 This is a menu with thumbnails and
short description.
with a thumbnail, title and
this menu to display a list of items
with thumbnail images.
one is very lightweight and stylish.
Minimalistic menu with header and
footer options.


Stripes Menu WebKit Menu WebKit Submenu
Stylish menu with thumbnails, titles
andsemi-opaque background.
Classic rounded corners list of menu
is a classic rounded corners list of
menu items.

NATIVE features:

BUMP Ticket Calendar Dictionary Email Attachment Feedback
 Check in events using Bump™
Allows users to create events with
different categories and presents
them in month, day and list/agenda
Native list with multiple
organization options and actions.
Allows users to send emails with
attached files.
Configurable native iPhone form
(GPS, date, time, camera).


In-App Browser Lighter Magazine Store Mobile Native Page
Built-in web browser featuring basic
navigation controls.
Light up your device’s flash light
to see what’s in the dark.
organize and sell your periodicals.
Displays a mobile web page. Implement your own native
Objective-C page.


Notes Order Push Notification Topics Scan Document Music Player
Allows users to write and save notes
inside the app.
Allows users to place an order from
their mobile device.
this page to edit topics
(categories) for Push Notifications
Allow scanning a document via camera
and convert to the PDF file.
Native and stylish audio player for


SharePoint client Slot Machine SMS Video List Voice Record List
Displays editable content from
SharePoint server.
Links users to secret pages in your
app if they are lucky.
feature allows sending SMS from an
can upload and playback video files.
users of your app record and share
voice messages.

GEO features:

Check-in Globe Location Finder Map Nearby Locations
 Allows to mark user’s presence in a
preset geographical location.
Displays a rotating globe with your
custom locations on it.
 Search multiple predefined
geographical locations.
Display Google’s map with multiple
 Displays places nearby user’s
current location and prompts to

IMAGE features:

Photo Effect Camera Cover Slideshow Image List Native Image Viewer
 Allows taking a picture, add
effects and share the result.
Apply effect of a magazine cover to
what gets into your objective lens.
 Slideshow page type.  Take photos and email them without
leaving the app.
Displays images on native page, tap
on an image performs an action.


Image Area 3D Layers Mosaic Slide Touch Design
Web-based table of images, each can
be linked to a separate page.
Displays a 3D Layers. Displays a collection of images. Horizontally scrollable gallery with
a description for every image.
Native canvas customizable with your
personal decoration items.


360° View VP Notation
rotation of an object composed by
multiple images.
and 3D modeling for iPad.

SOCIAL features:

App Share Facebook Fan Page Facebook Linkedin <Twitter
to an app on available online
Displays Fan Page feed and allows
user interaction.
Displays a mobile Facebook web page. Displays a mobile Linkedin web page. Displays a mobile Twitter web page.
Displays a mobile Youtube web page.

RSS & QUIZ features:

Podcast Quiz Feedback Quiz Question Quiz Results RSS
Displays podcasts from a specific
podcast feed.
Correct answer for a quiz question. Quiz
question with multiple selection.
Cumulative result of user’s quiz
Displays the feeds from a specific
feed url.


RSS Pro RSS Pro Details
Display the feeds from specific feedurl with possibility to customize
designof your rss page.
Display the feed item content withpossibility of full designand content customization.

SCANNER features:

Barcode Scanner Coupon GPS Coupon Loyalty QR Code Lis
a barcode and see the product
Prompt users to scan QR codes at
your sales point and offer
Location-based discounting system. Displays Loyalty page. Organize and share scanned QR codes.


QR Code Scanner
Native QR code scanner with multiple

BOOK features:

EPUB EPUB Reader PDF Editor PDF Reader PDF Tron
Minimalistic EPUB reader. Native EPUB Reader for one of the
most popular open e-books formats.
Allows to view and edit interactive
PDF files.
Native PDF Reader with smart
navigation and pleasant animation.
Cross-platform PDF solution based on
PDF Tron licensed library.

GAMES Pages:

Bike Game Karaoke Memo Game Puzzle Tetris Game
game with customizable skins.
Highlights lyrics while playing a
song in background.
Upload your artwork and let users
play a memory game with it.
Upload your artwork and let users
solve a puzzle out of it.
Simple game designed using open web